Tuesday, December 13, 2016

SAP HANA Express - XS Advanced Model - CLI Client

XS command-line tools that enable access to the SAP HANA XS advanced run-time environment.

The procedure described in the documentation did not work for me.

- Create a new organization (for example, called “devteam1”) for the development team.

# xs create-org devteam1

- Create a new space (for example, called “DEV”) for the development team. The space “DEV” will be assigned to the organization “devteam1”.

# xs create-space DEV -o devteam1

- Assign roles to the <USER> user for the run-time organization (“devteam1”) and space (“DEV”).

# xs set-org-role <USER> devteam1 OrgManager
# xs set-space-role <USER> devteam1 DEV SpaceDeveloper

All these organization / spaces can be created under "XS Advanced Administration and Monitoring Tools"  -> "Organization and Space Management"


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