Monday, April 25, 2016

FreeBSD: speed test util

Just saw on youtube how to run the speed test in the terminal. Not sure if it is the same as but it looks very similar.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

FreeBSD: Jails (4) - Thin jails using NullFS and template

As stated on chapter 14.5 of FreeBSD handbook (Updating Multiple Jails):
"The management of multiple jails can become problematic because every jail has to be rebuilt from scratch whenever it is upgraded. This can be time consuming and tedious if a lot of jails are created and manually updated.
This section demonstrates one method to resolve this issue by safely sharing as much as is possible between jails using read-only mount_nullfs(8) mounts, so that updating is simpler. (...) Additionally, it provides a simple way to add, remove, and upgrade jails."
So the idea now is to try this method of creating a template that can be reused to deploy as many jails as necessary and also make the update and/or upgrade of existing jails easier.