Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FreeBSD Virtual Machine: Installing VMware tools

Following the VMware documentation on how to "Manually Install or Upgrade VMware Tools in a FreeBSD Virtual Machine"

Prerequisite: Perl must be installed in the guest operating system (see previous post).

1. In vSphere client, right-click on virtual machine -> Guest -> Install/Upgrade VMware Tools

2. Mount the CD ROM drive e.g.:

mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0 /mnt/cdrom

3. Change to a temporary directory and untar the VMware Tools tar file:

cd /tmp
tar zxpf /mnt/cdrom/vmware-freebsd-tools.tar.gz
umount -f /mnt/cdrom

4. Run the installer and configure VMware Tools:

cd vmware-tools-distrib
perl ./vmware-install.pl

At the very end, the script is unable to run the /usr/local/bin/vmware-config-tools.pl

5. Run the script /usr/local/bin/vmware-config-tools.pl manually; it says the package compat6x-amd64 must be installed:

perl /usr/local/bin/vmware-config-tools.pl

6. Install the port compat6x:

cd /usr/ports/misc/compat6x && make install

7. Run the VMware tools script again, voilĂ !

perl /usr/local/bin/vmware-config-tools.pl

Note that when using a GUI (e.g. X windows) two additional packages can be installed to improve video and input experience.



  1. Great, Bruno Mikio. I have searching this topic for long time. Thank you very much. I will follow your blog.

  2. But when I type "perl ./vmware-install.pl" it said "vmware-install.real.pl" not found. So I type "perl ./vmware-install.real.pl" and it's work. Thanks a lot for your blog.

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