Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The dream is over

For the last 3 weeks I was involved in a series of phone interviews for a job position in a famous company in the Netherlands. My level of confidence was increasing after each interview. The last interview was the toughest one, that included video conference with the IT team and several technical questions with coding on the go, together with a business question.

Today I got an email with negative feedback from the HR, commenting that the coding solutions were good but not optimal and the answer to a business question did not contain any interesting ideas.

Well, after all this process I could learn some things:

- Phone interviews are much more difficult comparing to face-to-face interviews;
- When you think you are prepared for a new challenge at work, you actually may be a step behind of other competitors;
- Lack of experience in new technologies may hurt a lot;
- Keep your skills up-to-date because there are lots of competition in the job market.

The dream is over for now. Let's move on and find another opportunity.

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